It’s 5:42am—I haven’t slept, but I’ve cried, taken pain killers, eaten toast and nearly vomited from being in so much pain. Yep, I’m sick. Riiiight before my mid-year review. Great.
Now it’s just a waiting game until the doctors open at 9:00am and I can call them to see if they can fit me in (because I can’t afford to go to CALMS).

The. Worst.

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Reading some eye-treats by @ashleyronning
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Playing ✨shop girl✨ at itrip iskip today! Come say hello and hang by the heater. x (at Lonsdale Street Traders)
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Fairy floss cloud ☁️ (at Align - Yoga and more.)
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Why is it when guys you just meet realise you’re not going to “humour them”/”play nice”/agree to everything they say/let them be right on everything/laugh at their jokes they instantly go into argumentative mode/do everything they can do to cut you down/become really snarky and rude?

Fall back, son. Mama ain’t taking none of yo shit today.

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Gerhard Richter.
rated-z asked:

You don't have to go to the part. I'll chat with you

Sorry, pal. I was a PARTY ANIMAL for an hour there. Phew! What a wild time.
Didn’t last too long. But it’s way past my bed time! I should snooze, snooze, snooze. Anything you wanna ask I’ll answer in the morn. :)

I went to the party. For a total of 1 hour. Now I’m back in bed. I smell so strongly of fire-pit smoke. I went, said hello to people, patted a puppy, threw some darts, and left. I suppose that’s better than nothing..?
Why can’t I just do everything from bed? I never want to leave this cosy, toasty nest.


Ethan Cook
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I should get up. I should go to the party. I should talk to people. I should try and have some interactions outside work and university. I should get up.

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