Also I baked 48 jam drops tonight. 49 if you count the giant one that’s the size of a small plate.
Now the challenge is to try not eat them all in 3 days.

I ran into Nam today. It is always such a treat, but also so deeply heartbreaking. I feel like I never had enough time with him. We weren’t done yet. One of the most connected friendships I’ve had can’t exist any more and it makes me so sad.





Really Enjoying these photos of my babes from last night. CBR gals in MLB

My lovely mates catchlove, uglylittlehologramchildren, ghostghost and keepbrave with my ‘Invaders’ painting in the background there. Thanks for putting int the show last night Ashley! :) 

Girls by Destiny’s Child is playing in my heart.

This is me and my girlfriends who make me feel comfortable

Best babes.

Saturday Night Home Alone, Framing Works And Trying To Not Fall Asleep On Top Of My Prints: Part 3.

Saturday Night Home Alone, Framing Works And Trying To Not Fall Asleep On Top Of My Prints: Part 2.
Saturday Night Home Alone, Framing Works And Trying To Not Fall Asleep On Top Of My Prints: Part 1.
Testing the print waters #WIP


if pooh bear can wear a crop top so can i

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Goodbye Australia! Hello Europe! Here’s a little surprise my pals and i made for you to say thankyah for being so kind and supportive… Dance Academy fans might dig it, and anyone who wants to see me strugglin’ to swim in my clothing will too. If you like it, it’d be amazin’ if you could share it round x

<3 <3 This lady <3 <3


take no shit 2014

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I&#8217;ve been printing for an upcoming show and have barely seen any sunlight today. Thank goodness for those ceiling windows and their neat shadows.   (at ANU School of Art)
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Oh my gOD.
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8.11.14 some studio documentation


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Anonymous asked:

How did the crash happen? Are you ok? Do you like lemon meringue tart? Favourite jam flavour? Brown shoes black shoes? Indian curry or Italian feast? Movies out or night in? Sunshine or raindrops? Stay super. You are great :) x

I’m not entirely sure. It was unexpected and I can’t explain it. I was driving Sam and I back into Canberra, and there was suddenly a letterbox in front of me, so I swerved to avoid it and obviously over-corrected and then over-corrected again and next thing I know we were rolling and landed driver-side down in some trees.
Physically, we’re both unharmed and okay, but I’m feeling massive amounts of terror, guilt and confusion.

  • Mmm, lemon meringue tart is okay I suppose, but I’m more of a chocolate gal to be honest.
  • Plum and cinnamon jam, made by the Black Horse Jam folks that you can buy at the markets. On a croissant! Fo sho’.
  • Black shoes — I can’t seem to style brown shoes very well.
  • Italian! Indian food is delish but it has way too much stuff I’m intolerant to. Also I could LIVE off pasta/pizza so Italian food 4eva.
  • Movies out are such a treat. I feel like a blob when I watch movies at home (probably because I’m being a blob at the time) so going out is nice. As is eating my weight in overpriced popcorn.
  • The sunniest of sunshines.

Thanks for asking nice stuff too. x

Hey pals, I&#8217;ve been a bit of a sad sight lately with yucky event after yucky event challenging my ability to get out of bed. Car crash, repeating sickness and stress have all been contributing factors. I&#8217;m feeling as shaken as a milkshake and, well, generally just not 100%. If you see me floating about please be kind—I&#8217;m not my usual sassy self. Big love, xx.
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