What a super day.
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Making friends at parties 🐶
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Matchy-matchy last night with my Honey Bea getting burgers 🍔🐝
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Self-portrait on Portra 120, 35mm.

by  Ciara

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Sunday’s poppies are coming out to play ☀️
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Reason to get out of bed (again) this morning:

•milo w/ rice milk
•post office excursion
•call dentist
•mac and (lactose-free) cheese
•visual diary thoughts
•bike ride in the winter sun

•go look at the poppies in the kitchen
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Anonymous asked:

As a sacrifice to Kali, hey? Liv'n the Thugee Life.

I haven’t yet graduated to a Thuggee. Too timid to rob/kill people, but I hope Kali accepts my sacrifices none the less.





Red. Red. Red. 

And my toes in the Indian Ocean.

#townbeach #broome

One of my best friends is currently on the other side of the country (about as opposite to Canberra as you can get) and I am so, so, so, SO proud of her for being there and working so hard.

She also takes beautiful photos.


Perry Ellis, 1992Model : Christy Turlington
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Put too much butter on my corn and now my lactose-free belly is freaking out and I found a long blonde hair in my bed.

I don’t understand.

Six sweet mini evening suns on the walls at uni.
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Woozy Review set ups. May have been the sleeping tablets I took last night that were 2 years out of date, or the Review stress or being very sick, but I am not feeling myself today. More like a dizzy, exhausted, delirious version of myself.

If I don’t make it please burn all my belongings as a sacrifice for Kali.

Opaque  by  andbamnan