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Yo, here’s my art tumblr if you’re interest in my Honours movements/art jam.

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Theory; there is a correlation between vapid art and deranged evangelism. Exhibit A: Ken Duncan.

I’m not quite seeing what you’re wanting here.

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Hi Andy, I am in Vietnam and lost as to what to do. Your trip sounded amazing and interesting (as does your honours work!), I was wondering if you could give me (a shy anon 😎) any hot tips - particularly your trip to Quan Lan looked really lovely. Was it difficult to get to? Google is helpful sometimes but things like this seem to always make more sense coming from someone to is "talking" directly to you. If you have the time I would be so grateful for any advice x

Hey, super! Where abouts are you and how long do you have? Quan Lan was amazing – it’s a totally different pace. The locals were so chill, the power would come off and on, no one is trying to sell you things at every step, and it’s beautiful! Yeah, don’t expect Lonely Planet or Google to give you all the details, it’s a process you’re best off asking locals about re: transport and stuff. We heard different opinions about how to get there and just decided to go with the flow via bus/speed boat. It takes some time, but if you enjoy the journey it’s great. I think it’s also about the company and your enthusiasm!

Saigon is great too. I’d really like to live there one day. It’s a different vibe to Hanoi: it’s a bit grungier and busy, but there are so many rad little pockets tucked away. It’s so huge!

I didn’t make it to the mountains, but go there if you can! I hear it’s AMAZING.

Also get you butt on a motorbike!

If you give me idea about whether you’re north/south I can give you more specific advice. x

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Because of you, I took the time to properly appreciate Beyonce.

I’m so glad. Treat yo self to some dance party madness. (Yes, those are individual links).

Now I just hope my racial equality/feminism/body positivity/destruction of gender norms/self love/support of mental illness/cultural and social awareness etc. etc. rubs off.

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Spring: finally! 🌸
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Léa Seydoux - Jalouse Magazine (September 2013)



I relate to Lea on an dark-circle and bone structure level.

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If you missed the CCAS show “#selfie” here’s the work I submitted: King Midas’ Daughter. It’s up in my honours studio so if you’re around ANU Open Day you might get a peek at it!  (at ANU School of Art)

I’ll let you in on a little secret: I hate Fridays.


My kitchen bench currently.

Making messes.
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Beyoncé’s full performance at the 2014 VMA’s

Proper education.

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Actually dying over this.

High up on the wish list.
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