Honey Bey.
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One week until my exegesis is due. Thinking cap ON. Study game ON. Grumpy face ON. 📚😬👒
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"She [Blue] does like her mother’s music—she watches [Beyoncé’s concerts] on the computer every night. But my album came out and I don’t know if Blue ever heard any of my music prior to this album—she’s only 18 months old and I don’t play my music around the house. But this album was new, so we played it. And she loves all the songs. She plays a song and she goes, ‘More, Daddy, more … Daddy song.’ She’s my biggest fan. If no one bought the “Magna Carta”, the fact that she loves it so much, it gives me the greatest joy. And that’s not like a cliché. I’m really serious. Just to see her—‘Daddy song, more, Daddy.’ She’s genuine, she’s honest, because she doesn’t know it makes me happy. She just wants to hear it."
- Jay ZVanity Fair, October 2013 (x)
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Lily Ashwell
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Kim & North (2014) x Madonna and Child (17th century), by Il Sassoferrato.

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C’mooooon, baby!

Got my iMac back, just waiting for it to do it’s thang now.
Someone who I knnnoowwwww follows me on Instagram just got my tattoo..?

I mean, I know I’m not the only one with the three lines, but ?????
Safety first 💻
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My all-time favourite dog at the markets. His name is Kobe and he is half Pomeranian, half Husky. Check out those ears! One flop, one up!
Making stacks (of paper, not money)

Heh, fell asleep while on the phone after getting home from 2 separate dates with NRMA. Woke up:
Lights on
Fully clothed
Mascara on
Fuzzy teeth
Phone in hand
“Like dis”

Feeling great after 10 hours (!) sleep. Now, to brush my teeth for 60 minutes.

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