Congratulations @wildwooddays on such a beautiful show! You’re incredible! 🌸
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The Grand Budapest Hotel
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Breakfast of champions 🍒 (at Silo Bakery)
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Almost 2 years ago, in our little apartment in Berlin.
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Heh. Bought lonelyheartslabel lingerie. It arrived, but Sam was coming over so I hid it. Sam left, I went to retrieve it. Can’t remember where I hid it…
I guess it’ll be a surprise for both of us when it finally decides to show up.

In anticipation for Wildwood Girls opening tomorrow at Honkytonks alexandralundy and I pooled our hunterthelabel resources to make one amazing collection.

I don’t have access to my phone at work.

Have to keep running across the foyer to answer the phone in the other office.

Also last time I checked we had 34 phone messages.

Can’t print anything either.

Internet keeps dropping out.


I can’t actually do any work at work. Awesome.
Plus my tragus seems to be permanently crying. Whyyyyy.

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Photographed my beautiful friend Dee this evening.

Editing photos of my fella for an upcoming show. I keep blushing, giggling and looking away from my screen because he looks so DAMN cute. Then I realise it’s just the photo of him, not actually him, so I feel silly/lucky.


My mind set always
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I need a pet so bad.

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Pork bun/Easter bun
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~   Sofia Coppola on Lost In Translation

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Photos of me standing in front of things in Cabramatta.

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Opaque  by  andbamnan