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still managing to look this damn cute when it’s hitting minus degrees outside is an achievement. but omg I’m so fucking cold the world is so fucking cold omggggg.

omg just-moved-to-NL me. wow. 

Cute as a button. Plus that shearling coat is killer. Good luck in London! x

Scan scan scan scan scan. 

59 down, over 150 to go. 
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University light
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Coveting hard.

I miss this lil’ guy madly.

Cat pretzel/cat pats/cat ring 🐱
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Rooftop sunsets #hakeahousemates
Treat time! 🌽
28th Jul 201417:07
~   Andrew Zimmern (via thesoftestedge)
I have to remind myself to be mindful and not worry about later. Focus on now. Focus on now. 
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Haha, this just turned up on my instagram feed.
I wish it was Summer in Australia.
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Crisp morning 👌
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Opaque  by  andbamnan