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Sunday’s poppies are coming out to play ☀️
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Reason to get out of bed (again) this morning:

•milo w/ rice milk
•post office excursion
•call dentist
•mac and (lactose-free) cheese
•visual diary thoughts
•bike ride in the winter sun

•go look at the poppies in the kitchen
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Anonymous asked:

As a sacrifice to Kali, hey? Liv'n the Thugee Life.

I haven’t yet graduated to a Thuggee. Too timid to rob/kill people, but I hope Kali accepts my sacrifices none the less.





Red. Red. Red. 

And my toes in the Indian Ocean.

#townbeach #broome

One of my best friends is currently on the other side of the country (about as opposite to Canberra as you can get) and I am so, so, so, SO proud of her for being there and working so hard.

She also takes beautiful photos.


Perry Ellis, 1992Model : Christy Turlington
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Put too much butter on my corn and now my lactose-free belly is freaking out and I found a long blonde hair in my bed.

I don’t understand.

Six sweet mini evening suns on the walls at uni.
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Woozy Review set ups. May have been the sleeping tablets I took last night that were 2 years out of date, or the Review stress or being very sick, but I am not feeling myself today. More like a dizzy, exhausted, delirious version of myself.

If I don’t make it please burn all my belongings as a sacrifice for Kali.

Test works for Honours. Seriously feeling the gold vibes. 🌟
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Things that are okay to eat after they fall on the floor: chips.

Things that are not okay to eat after they fall on the floor: dip.

Up all night sick. No sleep/intense pain/tears aplenty. 
I made a joke at the doctors today that maybe I should get a loyalty card: after 9 visits the 10th appointment and antibiotics comes free and the stamp could be a red cross or a little pill. She laughed.
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Have phoned the doctors, been to the doctors, picked up antibiotics, taken antibiotics, tried to eat food and crawled my pathetic butt back into bed. Still no sleep and uni work is staring at me from across my room, but later, later.

Edit: I also have to get an ultrasound once I’m better to see why I keep getting sick. Wheeeee.

Breakfast at Tiffany’s, 1961.
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