Photographed my beautiful friend Dee this evening.

Editing photos of my fella for an upcoming show. I keep blushing, giggling and looking away from my screen because he looks so DAMN cute. Then I realise it’s just the photo of him, not actually him, so I feel silly/lucky.


My mind set always
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I need a pet so bad.

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Pork bun/Easter bun
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~   Sofia Coppola on Lost In Translation

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Photos of me standing in front of things in Cabramatta.

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Actually me.

Ever dropped your phone on your face while lying down?
Last night I dropped my phone on Sam’s face who was lying next to me.

~   Liberal Arts

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Flights booked to Vietnam! ✈️⭐️
21st Apr 201400:23
Happy Easter! @alexlundy and I are bun queens 🐰👑 #hakeahousemates

Art tests with chilli sauce, April 2014. My housemate’s name on foam core.

Work in progress.
Beautiful Alex and her heppy burfday book! 📗✨🌿


Friendship is not background noise to your love life!!!! Friends are not secondary characters in your romance plot!!!!

Fall in love with your friends! Treat them well! Treasure your friendships!

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Opaque  by  andbamnan