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Rooftops with the usual suspects #hakeahousemates
Special Sunday morning deliveries 🚲💐
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Does anyone have a dog I can pat, a cat I can cuddle, a bath I can use and a a hand I can hold?




Look at him appreciate cultures without wearing them as a costume. It’s that easy.

also actually hiring people who belong in that culture.

And featuring them in a song promoting diversity without shitting on other cultures.

Doing it right. 👌

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Two dorks, two pies, a bunch of flowers and some sunshine 💐 (at Capital Region Farmers Market, Canberra)
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Market finds  (at Capital Region Farmers Market, Canberra)
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Two flat tyres on two separate bikes and a car that makes a scary  clunckclunckclunckclunck noise.

Not good news.

Not even date night and we’re already misbehaving. 🍚 (at CBD Dumpling House)
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~   Yes.

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Summer goals. Holiday goals. Life goals. Bod goals. Fash goals. Babe goals.

I can’t wait for wispy, sparse eyebrows to come into fashion, because when they finally do I’ll be ready.

Well-loved @aesopskincare
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Childhood hero.
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Opaque  by  andbamnan