New player subbing on late in the game. What does this mean for the last quarter? How will this effect the outcome of the match? #honours  (at ANU School of Art)
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Imitating the weird fleshy-couch at uni and honour notes on scrap pieces of paper.


but why do i say “i know” to my pets when they make noises. im lying to them. i don’t know anything.

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Lmao yes

Life mantra


Hans Breder March 16 - April 14, 2012

Perspex feelings
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Maquette of Photospace in Photospace. So meta.

Probably had a bit too much fun with this one.
A 1:15 scale model of my honours installation.

Housemate date #hakeahousemates #beignetsbitches (at The Flute)
That was some A-grade sunshine. I am very much looking forward to picking sand/rocks out of my hair and off my floor for the next few days.
Photo: @samuelburns
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Anonymous asked:

Do you believe in god?

Anonymous asked:

Do you believe in god?

Anonymous asked:

Do you believe in g

Big day after big day. Crunch time is the crunchiest. Test works slowly turning into real works. ✋♦️
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I know it doesn’t look like much at the moment, but I’m making a maquette of the gallery so I can “test install” my (mini) works all together. Ratio of 1:15.

What are you doing with your Friday night?

Still needs windows, pillars and a proper floor. Plus the works.

Opaque  by  andbamnan