With the internal spaces of this Cronulla beachfront home in need of some attention, Amber Road sourced inspiration from Japanese design principles and their minimalist clients plea to keep things as unpretentious and simple as possible. Looking effortless is often the hardest task of all but the designers have outdone themselves using clean lines, and pale timbers of birch and american oak to compliment existing features like the marble floors. imageimage

Nook Sofa and Stanley Stool by Jardan

A lack of flowing light and a ‘boxy’ nature was combatted by collaboration with paint colour artist Sonia van De Haar of Lymesmith. The result, a restrained yet transformational colour palette of warm greys, bright whites and rich blacks creating blocks that stop just short of the roof with rounded edges.

The original downstairs master bedroom – a former garage with low ceilings given new life with the introduction of birch panelling to walls of half of the room. Rug by Kulchi.

The white weatherboard waterfront house looks fresh against the green landscape.

Via Estmagazine

Photography by Prue Ruscoe

Keep telling myself this.

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I wore this outfit yesterday.
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Andy is probs the nicest person in the entire world (and babest, let’s be real.) I met her through working at a boutique next to the cafe she worked at and one time when I got broken up with at the cafe she left flowers on my desk (despite not knowing me very well) and just like !!!! Good heart and face human!

OOooohhh, Sophie! You make my heart squeal. I was just scrollin’ scrollin’ scrollin’ and then there I was on my dash, with nice things said. Way to make my day, guys. x
Anonymous asked:

Maybe the folk song about Andy really is a sign... that it is hard to make a good rhyme with Mullens.


Anonymous asked:

After seeing your blinking set of gifs, I got all 'crushy' and now I want to see your face more. The absurdity and mild creepiness of my own reaction made me think of something; a series of pictures of your face pixelated to 'censor' different features in different combinations. (Baldessari 2014?) Because obviously, the fact that someone is attracted to your face means it is your responsibility to cover it like a proper modest lady, yes?

Crushes are nice, so that’s a bit cute.

I seriously LOVE Baldessari. You think interesting thoughts. I was thinking about pixels earlier this year – more related to my “cultural/ethnic identifiers” but I also get pictures in my head when I think of it that sort of way.
Also I see your tongue-in-cheek remark, and I chuckle darkly. Heh. Heh.

Anonymous asked:

The blink set is fascinating, bordering on hypnotic. I know it is weird to say, but you have a genuinely interesting face. By which I mean 'it didn't get boring to watch a gif of you blinking repeating', not 'euphemism for ugly'.

Haha, thanks. I grew it myself, but the credit really goes to my ma and pa.

I went back to my blog and watched it for a while myself, blinking at the same time the GIF’s did. I hope one was looking over over my shoulder.
I was also hesitant about posting other things afterward because I also liked how they looked in a line…





water is wet

the sun is hot

leaves are green

Republicans are white
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Sitting my sorry little butt in a framing store at the moment and a folk song came on the radio station they’re playing through the TV called “Andy.”

It’s a sign~~

Ah, what an excellent metaphor for my life.
One of my frames just fell and smashed. I’m trying really hard not to just flop and give up. If anyone can help give me a shout. Please and thank you.
Installing work today — our group show “biography” opens this Wednesday at 7:00pm.  (at Alliance Française de Canberra)
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Also I baked 48 jam drops tonight. 49 if you count the giant one that’s the size of a small plate.
Now the challenge is to try not eat them all in 3 days.

I ran into Nam today. It is always such a treat, but also so deeply heartbreaking. I feel like I never had enough time with him. We weren’t done yet. One of the most connected friendships I’ve had can’t exist any more and it makes me so sad.

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